Posted To Robert Reich’s Substack Newsletter 01/05/2022

Robert, I don’t disagree in any way with your insight that the corporate power structure is a massive obstruction to what needs to get done in the world. What I’m concerned with however is the core of that core problem which is the human civilization long dominance of everyone and every commercial entity that isn’t operating hand in glove with that core problem, namely Finance and its monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money.

Integrate the new monetary paradigm of Gifting into the debt only based system in a way that 1) starkly benefits all legitimate economic agents both commercial and individual, 2) isolates Finance as the underlying problem and 3) also uses both a carrot and stick taxation means of herding corporate powers with global reach.

The means of doing this could be 1) tandem 50% discount/rebate policies at the point of retail sale and a 50% debt jubilee at the point of loan signing, and 2) tax cuts of 50% for all businesses who do not inflate their prices, but compete and innovate on price, and 3) SEVERE, as in a 100% rate of taxation, on any revenue garnered from arbitrary price rises unjustified by ACTUAL OVERALL costs. After all, in a fiat monetary system like we actually have, we only need reasonable taxation rates that guarantee commercial compliance with the law…and yet the sovereign power to make damned good and sure that such a reasonable system is not gamed.

I hasten to point out that 1) a 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale immediately doubles everyone’s purchasing power (as in making even a minumum wage of $7.35/hr able to purchase at a rate of $14.70/hr) and 2) also doubles the potential demand for every enterprise’s goods and services (but will only raise it mostly for the poor and unemployed because everyone is not going to eat twice as much as they did before or go out and buy twice as many shoes as they have been buying).

I also hasten to point out that a 50% debt jubilee at the point of loan signing will 1) not only enable a $400k house that has been reduced to $200k by the discount/rebate policy at retail sale (yet the home building corporation gets their full price with the rebate aspect of the policy) becomes $100k with the 50% debt jubilee policy. The ancients utilized periodic debt jubilees to reset and stabilize their economies and social systems. Integrate debt jubilee directly into the economic process with a 50% reduction at the point of loan signing and it will permanently stabilize the economy, and the graciously beneficial effects of the above policies will put the lie to the irrational generalization of conservative/libertarian economists that the government is always the problem.

Implement monetary grace as in gifting into the economy…and the social system will awaken to peace…instead of rebellion.


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