One Policy

One policy changes the monetary paradigm and finally makes the economy and the money system serve us instead of we forever having to serve it. There are other policies that fill out and stabilize the new paradigm, but this single policy inverts the mental and temporal realities of the current paradigm of Debt Only which has held us all in its grip for the entire course of human civilization. That policy is a 50% Discount to consumers at the point of retail sale, all of which is rebated back to the merchant granting the discount to the consumer.

The current monetary paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money is monopolistically dominating and hence is not only uncompetitive and restraining of innovation, it also keeps actions to confront and handle climate change from moving forward with necessary post haste.

This one policy unites the self interests of consumers and enterprise by fundamentally and strategically reducing costs and prices yet facilitating the free flowingness of commerce.

Consumers and producers unite! All you have to lose are your monetary and financial chains!


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