Experiencing Space Directly: The Short Cut To God/Enlightenment

Paradoxically, God is every detail of nature and the entirety of the cosmos itself…you just have to look at it long enough and/or directly enough to experience the fact. It’s also now, and the only place you’re ever going to experience now is in the temporal universe which is the continual flow of now/time which requires space because without space change/another nowness…could not exist. Hence experiencing space is the quickest route to God/enlightenment.

Now space itself can become kind of uncomfortably boring after a bit unless you’re very experienced at experiencing it, so to begin with it really helps to directly look at and experience the infinity of experiences one can perceive in space, thank God/the cosmos.

But again, the trick is to DIRECTLY experience space and everything in it. So experiencing space IN-directly, that is, as an abstraction, is the actual problem almost everyone has. The truth is abstraction is the wonderful and very good tool of modernity …but its habitual-ization is our spiritual curse at the same time. “Ye must become as little children if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven”, after all.

A simple process for coaxing yourself out of abstraction and into the ecstatic present moment is to take pencil and paper in hand and just put a hash mark down for every detail you have and haven’t looked at/seen in your immediate environment. It’s amazing how many genuine experiences you can have wherever you are. Once, when I was 24 years old and sitting in a little 5 by 5 by 8 foot security booth during the graveyard shift at the entrance to a private campground I was working at, I sat down and hash marked over 2700 things in my present time environment, most of which I’d never actually and ever experienced before at all, until I stopped in amazement of the number, and in the fact that two of the “things” were the direct experience of the space around my body and a greater sense of my self-awareness, my consciousness itself. It was a genuine hallelujah experience. You really should try it.


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