Posted To Steve Keen’s Patreon Page 12/22/2021

I’m 1000% in favor of the new liberal point of view and its political effort. What it or any other political party requires though is a new policy program that truly makes a difference that no one can deny…does exactly that. I recall you saying that Austrian economists were not necessarily of the DSGE ilk because they believed in deflation. The trick of course is to create it without inflicting bankruptcies, economic chaos and mass human suffering. Austrian’s often overlook these realities that their orthodoxies would insure. But what if you could pull it off without the ugliness? …like a policy where retailer’s give consumers a 50% discount at point of sale and the monetary authority rebates that discount back to the merchant giving it. That way you’ve empirically and beneficially integrated temporal universe deflation into profit making economic systems…simply with a strategic use of debits and credits…and broken up Finance’s monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money. Oh Copernicus! What a mental and temporal inversion of realities!


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