Posted To Positive Money 11/19/2021

What we need is a monetary Reformation. The present situation where private banks own a virtual monopoly paradigm to create our money ONLY AS DEBT is exactly analogous to the Catholic church owning a monopoly on the entrance to heaven only via THIER sacraments. Monopolies and even more powerfully, paradigmatic monopolies are anti-freedom. If we were to gift a 50% discount to consumers at retail sale all of which was rebated back to the merchant giving it to the consumer by the monetary authority we could immediately double everyone’s purchasing power and eliminate inflation at the same time. In fact (magically, if you are an orthodox economist) we would be beneficially integrating price and asset DE-flation into profit making economic systems…with that single policy. Temporal universe inversions of reality are a primary signature of historical paradigm changes. Get the policies of the new monetary paradigm here:


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