Paradighmatic Thinking

In my book I point out that old concepts are extremely hard to think outside of, and the efficacy of genuinely new ones just as hard to perceive. The power of new paradigm concepts is both their simplicity and efficacy. So orthodoxy is not the only thing to overcome. It’s also mindset as in science only vs wisdom, which being the integrative impulse requires both knowledge-data and philosophy

The important thing to remember is that paradigm concepts change entire patterns, not just a policy idea or other reform. Thus the emphasis must be a focus on both the operant problem that will effect change, and on the level of analysis, i.e. the pattern. The willingness and ability to commit intellectual integrativeness, especially of apparent opposites is also key.

The truth is no theory is going to resolve the deeply rooted problems of modern economies (monetary scarcity and yet a tendency toward destabilizing asset inflation)…unless we have a monetary and financial paradigm change. Any legitimate insights will simply end up being “epicycles”.

Another idea we need to re-examine is the the whole concept of a free economy. Even under the best of circumstances the present economy is not free and certainly is not free flowing. It is in alternate states of financially goosed and strangled chaos because of the current paradigm of Debt Only, and because it has no effective rational and ethical restraints on economic agents, especially the financial ones.


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