Quintessential Post To RWER Blog 03/10/2021

Money is one of humanity’s greatest inventions. It is not the problem. The use to which it is put, and beyond that allowing its creation and distribution to be solely and paradigmatically monopolized by private for profit banks…..IS. THE. PROBLEM.

Regulate money’s creation, align its usage with a new paradigm concept that is unassailably ethical and rational, and create a national banking and financial system that rigorously adheres to the spirit and law of that concept….and all of the rest of the correct heterodox economic theorizing that has nascently grown up around its recognition will coalesce in your mind and in the temporal universe we all live in….and then, because an essential aspect of that concept is dynamic, interactive, integrative and ethical flow, process and change, we can get on with rationally and ethically confronting whatever other problems will emerge as we become more aware of ourselves and the basic nature of the cosmos.

May the natural philosophical concept of grace be upon you….and carry on.


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