Reply on RWER Blog Regarding Having Antecedents to My Claim of Paradigm Change

Y: “Craig, you may be a Copernicus, but you lack all efforts from Kepler and Galileo to Newton.”

Me: Actually there were antecedents “upon whose shoulders I stand” the same as has been the case before every other major breakthrough.

For instance I was introduced to C. H. Douglas (the actual Copernicus of Economics and money systems) shortly after the GFC in 2008 whose universal dividend idea superseded the current UBI thinking by over 100 years, and whose compensated retail discount policy I have innovated into paradigm changing status thanks to being aware of Kuhn whose work was not available to Douglas. Keynes was probably the paradigm change’s Tycho Brahe. Regarding economics and money systems Kuhn and Steve Keen were my Keplers with Kuhn’s book on paradigms and Keen’s de-bunking of DSGE and affirming of Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis. Again, so far as economics and the money system are concerned I am really just an innovator/new discoverer, i.e. the Kepler of Douglas.

If I may be so bold my true insights are actually in cosmology, natural philosophy and the study of paradigm changes….and the application of those insights to economics and the money system.


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