Look At It!

The mathematical nature of the 50% Discount/Rebate policy and the place and time in the economic/productive process of its implementation (retail sale) absolutely makes it paradigm changing.

It resolves the deepest problems with general solutions for all legitimate economic agents both commercial and individual. It fulfills every one of the accomplished signatures of historical paradigm changes including philosophical/conceptual opposition, temporal reality inversion, new or re-discovered tool and/or insight, the ending of dominating conceptual and structural monopolies, integrative thirdness greater oneness of the particles of truth in dualing perspectives and increased abundance, freedom, survival and ethical awareness across bodies of knowledge/areas of human endeavor not directly related to the primary pattern change.

This latter signature is also that of the mega-paradigm change also known as a zeitgeist, that is, the primary spirit, mood and idea of the present age. In other words it is the new over all pattern of current patterns.


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