Posts To RWER Blog That Confirm That The Mindset of Wisdom, Wisdomics-Gracenomics and The New Monetary and Financial Paradigm Of Gifting Are What Everyone There Actually Wants….Just That They Haven’t Cognited On The Concept Necessary To Effect Such

Yes, Science Only IS a monopolistic paradigm for inquiry. Anyone who blatantly contradicts, ignores or distorts science is understandably open to critique, however orthodoxy is one of Man’s worst tendencies and adheres to both sides of any dualism. Science requires the integrative mindset of the dialectic/the thirdness greater oneness of Wisdom….and money, finance and the economy particularly require it.

Thank you all for confirming this fact.


Economics, needs an integrative and thus evolutionary mindset, a commitment to an ongoing dialectic that seeks thirdness greater oneness of truths, workabilities and the highest ethical considerations in apparent opposites. In other words the multi-disciplinary mindset of Wisdom.


The parable (Man searching for his keys only in the light of a street lamp) is actually most apt regarding the mindset and utilization of analysis itself. If one will only look with the reductionist mindset of science while neglecting or ignoring philosophy, which by the way also includes the set of science, they will be prone to at best palliatives and at worst missing the pattern solution altogether.

The word philosophy means the love of ideas/concepts, and paradigms are single and singularly defining pattern concepts like terra-centrism, nomadism and Debt Only.

New paradigms are the ultimate integrative mental and temporal phenomena that replace the old/present ones…. like for instance helio-centrism, agriculture/homesteading/urbanization and Monetary Gifting.

Let us be aware of and not be afraid to use all of the tools of analysis, lest we stumble around in the light in the corner of a room and never consider that solutions may exist in the unexplored darkness of its entirety.


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