New Policies

Private banking can continue, but they can only loan at a maximum of .5%, and the national banking system can do so at 0%.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Private banks cannot create de-stabilizing financial vehicles like derivatives, nor will domestic or foreign banks be allowed to short the currency as all such illegitimate and unethical actions will be a priori considered “null and void.”

There will be a post accounting tax of 3% on all enterprises who within legitimate accounting practice can show that they owe no tax.

There is no way to insure compliance with the law when there is no penalty or means of regulation.

Any enterprise that does not inflate their prices will have their rate of taxation halved, and those who do inflate without empirical proof that their overall costs have increased will first be taxed at a rate of 100% for any revenue on any products they may have gained from such inflation, the second time they will lose their discount/rebate privileges for one month and the third time they illegitimately inflate they will lose their privileges for 6 months.

Chaos and lack of regulation that permits and/or invites unethical actions is not freedom


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