Paradigms, Wisdom and The Natural Philosophical Concept of Grace

A culture is a pattern, i.e. a paradigm. There are paradigms within paradigms going from the level of the personal to the cultural to the cosmic.

Science is a paradigm. Even though it is attempting to expand and transcend itself the current paradigm for inquiry is still mainly Science/Empiricism Only.

Wisdom (not religion, but rather spirituality-self actualization) is both a personal and a cosmic paradigm and the paradigm of science resides entirely within it.

History is a discipline that looks at facts and attempts to decipher wisdom regarding them.

Wisdom is the mental process of integrating truths in seemingly opposing perspectives and realities.

The natural philosophical concept of grace is the pinnacle unitary concept of wisdom, namely love in action in the temporal universe where we all reside and interact with ourselves, others and the physical universe in the graciously flowing, interactive, integrative present moment process.

Thus if one wants to be personally and systemically attuned with the natural they should attempt to match and apply the relevant aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace to themselves and whatever body of knowledge and/or system they are engaged with.


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