IK:  However, our logic works in the “classical” world of classical physics and human physical scale. Such “classical” logic does not necessarily work at the quantum or cosmic scales.”

Me:  Correct. That’s why the temporal universe can be both “a veil of tears” and yet also be in a state of grace. Both are necessary or there would be no real understanding of either.

Bliss is directly, effortlessly and yet intensely experiencing each flowing moment where space and objects are still space and objects except space has virtual palpa-bility and you experience the solidity of objects at a distance. You also experience colors with a vibrancy you’ve long forgotten because the last time you experienced them as such was when you were 1 year old. Been there, done that, and not with any pharmaceutical help.

It’s like the T. S. Eliot quote I’ve posted here before about the end of one’s search has always been where you started….just slightly more personally informed.

The dualism intellectuals get caught up in their acculturated abstract figure-figure-figuring is generally the final hurdle they have to overcome to properly experience such integration.

IK:  Craig,

Each to his own of course. I don’t take “logic can’t explain existence” to mean “dogma can explain existence”. I question the principle of sufficient reason as much as I question the principle of non-contradiction. They are both simply human logical precepts or hypotheses. In any case, I am not sure if you are suggesting revelation or gnosis as a source of truth.

Me:  It’s gnosis. As I have many times said here I’m not positing any religious dogmas, only experiences. And it isn’t about one or the other mode of experience in opposition to each other as much as it is an integration of the two which results in a higher more present thirdness.

And that thirdness is imminently applicable to any system or body of knowledge because they all exist within the temporal universe reality and human experience which can be described as an integrated duality within a trinity-unity-oneness higher consciousness process. And all of that process and experience is natural I might add, and yet none of the ecstatic nature of the experience is lost by knowledge of that fact.


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