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The fundamental problem of economics and economic theory is its failure to recognize that the monetary paradigm IS THE ACTUAL PROBLEM.

As the fundamental concept of terra-centrism was the problematic aspect of Ptolemaic cosmology, so is the dominating, de-stabilizing and stymieing economic problem of the present monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only. And there will be no significant breakthrough until this fact is completely confronted.

I have never invalidated anyone’s content here. In fact I have often praised the valid insights of Keen, Hudson and MMTers. But the problem is on the paradigmatic level which is both simple and complex. Simple in that it recognizes that the problem is the SINGLE concept that defines and controls the COMPLEXITY OF THE ENTIRE PATTERN.

Perceiving the deep and effecting simplicities that resolve dualistic complexity with a pungent thirdness has always been the hallmark of wisdom and is the route to paradigm perception.

When the fire has chased one to the roof of the building it is folly to refuse to grasp the ladder lowered from the helicopter that is offered in rescue.


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