Posted In Frustration on RWER Blog 07/24/2020

We can fret over ontologies, maths that are easily thwarted/supplanted by power and continue to ignore the looming deadline for species and ecological disaster, or we can recognize that the real and deepest problem isn’t economics or money itself AT ALL, but rather the MONETARY PARADIGM.

Then we can recognize that every historical paradigm change was accompanied by a new tool and/or insight and that the tipping/pivotal point of retail sale is just such an insight because it is a particularly powerful point to implement a price and monetary policy that with a few additional policies and regulations will enable us to resolve all of the above problems….instead of “straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel” for another 5000 years…..or at least another 50 until the resource wars and social chaos brought on by climate change puts most of us out of our misery.


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