Reply To a Post on RWER Blog Regarding Money

Me:  A very good post. And you’re right that money is about power and control. Power and control are the zeitgeist/ethics of the present age.

The problem with money is its present paradigm, that is Debt Only. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with the idea or the nature of debt, but the monopolistic pattern of Debt Only keeps all of the economic problems heterodox economists want to change, in suspension. Integrate a new monetary and financial paradigm of Gifting into the economy and all manner of beneficial resolutions to those problems present themselves.

DT:  So I agree basically with Craig too, though I find his language as confusing as his money. Didn’t he say before that the ‘gifting’ had to be mutual? On a one-one or one-many basis?

Me:  Dave,

What is confusing about crediting a 50% discount to the consumer at the points of retail sale and at note signing, and the monetary authority debiting every cent of that retail discount back to the enterprise giving it to the individual? And the true national bank simply reducing the already 50% reduced note by another 50% at note signing, which because it is not a profit making concern and the credit is created ex nihilo like all fiat money is, can simply apply the debit credit convention at that point as well?)

That way commerce is facilitated not inhibited by austerity/individual monetary scarcity, both the individual and commercial agents benefit and the natural philosophical concept of grace as in Gifting is self actualized in the economy and in the minds of everyone participating…continuously?

It’s just double entry bookkeeping and wisdom applied to the economy and the money system.

NR:  Really ‘Craig’ ? You & your old time ‘funny-money’ chevaliers, still embody the ancient , wisdom of the great Japanese {Zen Buddhist ?} haiku: “When the glaciers melt & recede, old weeds bloom afresh”. But ! ‘FISCALLY confront climate change’ ? Egad ! Is that ‘rigged’ too ? i.e. By whom ? heh’ heh’ heh’ . As if we can’t guess. But CAN THEY actually ‘rig’ the climate? If they’re that omnipotent, wouldn’t it be ‘Pareto-opitimal’ to join THEM, rather than always be pointing fingers at ’em ? But, Take comfort from your righteous agony, Craig old sport. Because Major Douglas, Anton Drexler, Dietrich Eckhart, Nesta Webster et al, are still pining away for you ‘in the place where they are at, where it’s always double drill and no canteen’ to paraphrase Kipling.

Me:  Sorry to offend so badly Norman. It’s just that such policies seamlessly implemented into the current system are too simple for the intellectual vanities of the erudite and too generally temporal reality altering not to be a paradigm change.

IK:   What is “Gifting” in your theory? You need to define it and explain it. As it is your “Gifting” is just a black box term to me. I have no idea what is in the black box nor how it connects and interacts with anything else.

Me:  Monetary Gifting in a monetary economy (it IS a monetary economy not a “veil over barter” as neo-liberal economists have re-defined and obfuscated it) is simply the strategic giving of additional purchasing power/money in the form of a universal dividend of say $1000 monthly, and via the twin policies of a 50% discount to the consumer at retail for virtually every consumer item and also at the point of note signing for big ticket items. The latter two policies work exquisitely because they are summing, ending and terminal factor expression points in the economic process and hence legitimate potential turning points. They are also universally beneficial. So much so that every retail enterprise would need to opt into them or rapidly go out of business because if you didn’t opt in they would have to get 100% of their price from the consumer while their competitors would only need to get 50% of same.

These three basic policies (there ARE more policies, regulations and systemic changes) are a gigantic assist to all economic agents and resolve what heterodox economists say are the major problems with the present system, namely systemic monetary austerity, systemic financial instability and manipulation of the system by the dominant business model of Banking and Finance whose exclusionary and monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of credit/money is the root cause that keeps all of these systemic problems in suspension.

Do I say there will not be any borrowing? No. Do I say that resolving the major cause (the present monopolistic paradigm) of the current system will have major stabilizing and beneficial effects? Absolutely yes. Paradigm changes are always permanent beneficial and progressive phenomena, and mega paradigm changes imminently and continuously effect everyone and are trans-systemic and trans-body of knowledge beneficial and progressive. Do I say there will not be other
problems? No. Systems, Life and the cosmos are emergent processes that will always evoke change and present problems, but again, historically, paradigm changes are permanently progressive.

Be happy to address any other questions.


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