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Thanks for another spot on post. The real problem lies in the banking, financial and monetary systems and their monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only. And the solution is in a new paradigm, namely direct and reciprocal monetary gifting with a 50% discount policy at both retail sale and at the point of note/loan signing. That single policy does more for every economic agent individual and commercial than 5000 years of the current paradigm. Add in a $1000/mo. universal dividend, a new non-profit truly national banking system and you can not only end both inflation and poverty forever but enable large tax decreases, end expensive and energy intensive international supply chains, promote green re-industrialization, direct consumers toward sane ecological purchases and enable fiscal spending to handle the mega ecological projects that have so long been thwarted by the idiotic idea that money created ex nihilo is somehow scarce and we can only create money as debt instead of as both/either debt and gifts.


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