Reply to A Poster on RWER Blog

Me:  Sorry Norman, but you’ve fallen into the same complexity traps you (correctly) bemoan. Carping about interest being the sole problem IS monetary crankery. Recognizing that the monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only as the only form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money is NOT. It (paradigmatic analysis) recognizes that the money cranks have their calculus wrong, but also recognizes that when the power of money and vested interests are stood up against mathematics…mathematics doesn’t matter. Why? Because the wealthiest commercial entities on the planet are financial/money creating ones which shows the economic power of their paradigm. Focus on the real power, the real issue, the real problem…the monetary paradigm. No one here but me has spotted that real problem, analyzed its economic effects and the benefits of changing it. Until one understands and analyzes from a paradigmatic level (which is both conceptually simple and pluralistic as in pattern effects) they are a Ptolemaic analyst.

Monetary Gifting. Too simple for the intellectual vanities of the erudite. Too temporally earth shaking to deny.


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