Post To The Social Credit Google Group Explaining the Difference Between Palliative Reforms, The New Monetary, Financial and Economic Paradigm Change and The Fact That The New Paradigm Is Also A Mega Paradigm Change

It’s a waste of time to either accuse someone of believing in the debt virus or to be a crank and believe in it. Mathematically, it’s correct that the system can pay for interest. However, in the real world….economies have never been stable. That’s never as in not a single time throughout the entire span of human civilization, and the reason is that the paradigm of Debt ONLY  has never been challenged as the actual problem and the new paradigm concept has never specifically been recognized and implemented in a paradigmatic fashion, that is, in a way that temporally inverts the realities of the old/present paradigm.

Public Banking is a great reform and Social Credit is a superior theory, but they are both palliatives. The ancients had routine debt jubilees, but the debt still kept piling up. Douglas brilliantly suggested both a universal dividend and crafted a reciprocal price and monetary policy at retail sale, but he still was influenced by the classical macro concept of equilibrium and neither the concept of a paradigm existed before he died nor was there a study of the signatures of accomplished historical paradigms to light the way forward to new paradigm perception.
We have to be smarter than the ancients and step entirely outside of the paradigm of Debt Only. In fact we need to recognize the reality of a mega paradigm change of which there have only been two in human history, namely achieving self awareness and the mega paradigm change from nomadic hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization. Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting will be the third.

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