Douglas Was Copernicus, Keen Is His Kepler and I Am Their Gallileo

Douglas: The economy is individual income scarce and thus unstable, and Gifting is new monetary paradigm

Keen: Classical/New Classical concept of General Equilibrium is false and the economy is monetarily/financially unstable

Hummel:  Because he studied the signatures of historical paradigm changes and recognized that:

  1. their mental and temporal expression was always one or more of the various aspects of the philosophical concept of grace and that
  2. Douglas’ realization that double entry bookkeeping was the infrastructure within which the entirety of the economy and money system were embedded but was caught in the classical concepts of equilibrium and scarcity when abundance was a primary aspect of grace and
  3. Keen’s de-bunking of DSGE was correct but still caught in the old scientific paradigm of dualism instead of the dynamically integrated duality within a trinity-unity-oneness-process aspect of grace
  4. He was able to step outside of the current monetary and economic paradigms of scarcity and embrace grace as in abundance and to create workable policies aligned with it; and also step outside of the current scientific paradigm of rigid dualism and embrace grace as in Wisdom (the cosmic code of an integrated duality within an integrative trinity-unity-oneness-process, i.e. the integrative mindset and process itself)

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