Posted To Ellen Brown’s Public Banking Forum 04/03/2020

The merging of the FED and Treasury is of course stealth domination which is what we already have now. Government debt is a side show that MMTers, who have the mechanics of money creation correct, obsess about when the real problem is aggregate private/personal debt….and the only way that will be resolved and we will become free instead of enslaved is a modern debt jubilee, a monthly ($1000/mo.) universal dividend, a 50% discount/rebate price and monetary policy at the point of retail sale and a 100% tax on any revenue a business may garner because they inflated their prices when seeing a lot more money coming into the system (despite the fact that such policies will save every enterprise the significant costs of all transfer taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security which become redundant when everyone, whether they work or not, has a middle class income guaranteed.


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