Response To A Poster on RWER Blog

JL:  My focus seems to be different. I am interested in the effects of monetary system design on wealth distribution and how it impacts the lives and prospects of the vast majority of Americans today.

Me:   Well, you’re certainly a lot closer to the real problem than all of the people here who are still obsessively caught in the weeds of economic complexity. It IS about money and finance, specifically the monetary and financial paradigm.

Free market Libertarian economists ignore the glaring contradiction of giving private banking a monopolistic charter to create our money ONLY as Debt and wave the bloody flag of their motto that “There ain’t no free lunch!” which rather than being an insight is actually an excellent statement of the problem.

Heterodox economists of all stripes actually say we need a new paradigm it’s just that they don’t know which paradigm, how to think paradigmatic-ally (integratively) or even have a good idea of the definition of a paradigm (a single concept that is simultaneously an integrative mental/conceptual and temporal phenomenon). Thus they blather on in the dark in many wrong/less relevant directions.

For over 5000 years the economy has always been in a state of monetary and financial smothered chaos that parades itself as freedom. Time to awaken from the vast monetary and financial neurosis we live in.


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