KZ:  “Our approach to causation needs to change. Causation is not a thing. It is a story. A story that explains within the framework of a specific culture how events or actors relate to one another, and how both relate to human culture and society.”

Me:  Yes, parables/stories are the tool of wisdom which is precisely what we need in economics and in the entirety of our lives.

KZ:  “A believable story we can share. But this “believable” story is still part of complex events. Complexity makes identifying causality in a predictive way impossible.”

Me:  Time and space will always make PERFECT predictability impossible, but the wisdom of grace as in the integration of the discern-able truths in opposites is pretty damned predictive, and undoes any obsessive need for perfection. Perhaps god or the computer programmer who created the cosmos set it up this way….so we wouldn’t become so titanic-ally bored by perfect predictability.



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