Relevant Posts To RWER Regarding The Consciousness Aspect of Paradigms and The Difficulties That Presents To Analyists

Me:  An accurate recitation of the idiotic, excessive and deluded DSGE facts. The only thing left out is the most underlying factor of all, namely the debt deflation that inevitably occurs when the scarcity ratio of costs and individual incomes manifests itself. That’s the Minsky/Keen re-discovered conclusion that has spawned a zillion theories and a handful of palliative reforms like Modern MONETARY Theory, FINANCIAL parasitism, Public BANKING, QE for the people and FINANCIAL Instability all abstractly dancing about and at least once removed from the temporal universe and individual solution, i.e. the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

Me:  “What we haven’t imagined, we can’t know.”

Precisely. Paradigms are both temporal patterns and human mindsets. If one never shows an awareness of the need to analyse on the integrative level of the paradigm let alone attempt to do so outside of the current paradigm (which itself most people are unconscious of) then their awareness will remain blunted and blinded.

Unconsciousness and unwillingness to look are the first and most essential barriers to overcome in both psychoanalysis and the temporal pattern/human mindset phenomenon AKA paradigms.


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