Post to RWER Blog Regarding Utopianism, Decentralization and the New Paradigm


The new monetary and financial paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting is the antithesis of socialist re-distributive taxation and the serfdom of finance capitalism.

It is also NOT utopianism which whenever it is raised up like a straw man is always conceived of as a top down oppressive phenomenon. D and R Monetary Gifting resolves the major problems of the current mess and places enough money “into the many hands of the individual” so that THEY are empowered to determine who survives economically and, with proper guidance to create their OWN utopia. The real power is thus in the correct hands, and is a bottom up phenomemnon. Inversions are major signatures of all historical paradigm changes.

Of course the reactionary will say, “Its Communism!”, but it’s actually communitarian which is what everyone says they want when they refer to de-centralization. The new paradigm will finally enable BOTH true decentralization AND the ethical governing of larger organizations as well because its policies and programs will be based on the most unitary and freeing concept the human race has ever conceived and experienced.

Yeah, yeah, yeah there will fools who will oppose it and decry it….what else is new? But continuing and actual grace as in monetary gifting is very easily understood by anyone experiencing it and is thus just as easily acculturated.


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