Posted To RWER Blog 12/18/2019

As high tech capital intensive economic systems are

1) very costly,

2) competition is still a reality between business models

3) the yearly inflation rate has always been a smallish single digit percentage,

4) except during wars or as a result of a 3 to 4 times increase in the cost of modern economies’ most important commodity, petroleum, and so had nothing whatsoever to do with “monetary” inflation at all and

5) hyper-inflations never occur except after the dramatic destruction of productive capacity during wars or as a result of social and political decisions that do the same, debt burdens for reparations on the losing side of war and the consequent self interested alliance of the political and financial elites to inflate away such debt by leveraging up speculators in order to short the currency which changes abnormally high inflation into its hyper character….

…then how could:

1) a universal dividend and direct and reciprocal 50% discount/rebate monetary policy,

2) tax incentives and tax disincentives to deter the economic vice of price and asset inflation caused entirely by the decisions of commercial agents trapped in a system of enforced monetary austerity (money itself and its quantity is AT BEST a tertiary factor), and so stabilize the benefits of the new monetary paradigm

3) the ending of private for profit money creation ONLY in the form and vehicle of debt,

4) the creation of a national non-profit banking, financial and money creating system which integrated a new monetary paradigm of Gifting into the debt based money and accounting system…

…not be the answer to the current paradigm of Debt Only’s persistent problems of individual monetary scarcity, systemic austerity and chronic price and asset inflation?


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