RWER Blog: The End Is Literally Near!

Me:  The only way to be able to keep the economy flowing and to finance both a bottom up explosion of green consumer technologies and finance the mega projects necessary to deal with the ecological crisis we face is to awaken to the directly distributive monetary paradigm of Gifting. That’s Gifting, Gifting, Gifting….GIFTING.


If one remembers the movie When Worlds Collide its premise (a looming extinction) is exactly what we face now. And even if climate change is BS, the end of the primary and non-renewable resource of petroleum, still leaves us with the end of civilization as we know it and the inevitable death of literally billions as a result of the collapse and chaos that WILL ensue.

It’s WAAAY overdue to begin thinking in pattern change/paradigmatic terms about money, finance and the economy. Reforms are trivial and imminently game-able, and erudite but impotent debate/argumentation is fruitless.

The end is literally near!


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