Of Science and Paradigm Changes

Me:  The paradigm of the economy and the money system hasn’t changed for the entire length of human civilization. Economic specialists are not idiots because they don’t believe me, they’re idiots because, curiously from a scientific standpoint, they don’t and/or refuse to analyze from the paradigmatic level.

DT:  But Craig, economics is still in the pre-scientific class because it is using the WRONG paradigm: not of economics but of scientific method. It is disagreeing about paradigms and what they are because empiricists try to theorise events rather than what is channelling and ordering them: trying to bring order out of chaos before it knows how to by mimicking the ‘force’ rather than the ‘communication of information’ paradigm.

Me:  Dave, yes economics is held back by the fact that the monetary paradigm has never changed for the last 5000 years as David Graeber has written about. It has ALWAYS been Debt Only. That is both its conceptual essence and temporal fact….which should satisfy scientists, but mostly doesn’t because the present paradigm for inquiry is Empirical Science Only and hence strongly tends to invalidate and exclude philosophy and integrative phenomena like paradigm changes.


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