The Essential Three Insights

1)  The only way you’re going to get an economic paradigm change is to recognize the necessity of changing the monetary and financial paradigm first.

2)  The way to create and implement the new monetary and financial paradigm is to discover the power of a direct and reciprocal monetary policy at the point of retail sale of sufficient percentage to invert the present income/revenue of scarcity to abundance.

3)  The way to resolve the energy, ecological and cost problems is to recognize that private for profit money creation is not a legitimate economic business model at all (there are several economic reasons and justifications for this viewpoint) and will forever block progress toward the resolution of these problems, and that even a publicly administered banking, financial and monetary system will be insufficient to the task unless those systems are firmly and logically aligned with the concept behind even the new monetary paradigm of Gifting, namely the natural philosophical concept of grace as in love in action/systemic policy.


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