MMT: Conscious and Unconscious

Even though its advocates are not generally aware of it, MMT is really all about how we can have direct monetary distributism. It’s just that they haven’t cognited on the pivotal-ly powerful point of a reciprocal accounting/algebraic monetary operation at the point of retail sale that simultaneously resolves the two deepest and most chronic problems of modern profit making economic systems in other words:

#1 individual and systemic monetary austerity and

#2 “uncontrollably” chronic inflation.

Unfortunately virtually all economists and economic pundits are afflicted by the obsessive dualism and their hide bound cultural allegiances to either a hopelessly monetarily unstable corporate and financial capitalism or the politically unworkable and equally hide bound socialist idea that re-distributive taxation can alone resolve the above problems.

Integrative thirdness greater oneness is probably the key signature of both wisdom and resolving paradigmatic thinking.


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