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This thread affirms what I have been trying to break through the sound barrier with other posters here. The Interdisciplinary-integrative approach is always wisdom. It is in fact the very process of wisdom itself. The world’s major wisdom traditions, despite most of their adherents, have given us the contemplative, ab-reactive and consciousness raising techniques to self actualize the higher concepts necessary to qualify for what defines the word wisdom. Wisdom in its highest form is not religion, but rather deeper insight and the development of the integrative mindset.

Economics has been analyzed and critiqued fifteen ways from the middle and most of us here agree with the various heterodox perspectives that have resulted from that work. What remains to be done is to analyze the most important and influential aspect of the economy on the integrative level of the paradigm, namely the money system, whose paradigm has not changed for the entire course of human history.

Two of the techniques used by various wisdom traditions is to repetitively ask the novitiate to contemplate an absurdity until they have a deep cognition about a problem or their own moment to moment consciousness, or to ask them to look at their immediate environment until they discover that they have not actually looked DIRECTLY at things there since early childhood but rather relate to it via an abstraction instead.

Repetition is not always appreciated, but it is a very workable technique.


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