The Re-Orientation of Paradigm Changes

It’s a very good book. (Doughnut Economics) But it still lacks the key policy insight we need.

What’s more re-orienting than

1) a monetary paradigm change from scarcity to abundance,

2) the baulkiness of systemic austerity to free flowingness via primary factor and tool,

3) near crazed over production due to fear of commercial ruin and/or an unbalanced ethic of greed and power to a re-juvenated profit making economics guided philosophically and policy-wise by the concept and ethic of grace and

4) international far flung energy intensive supply chains due to the warped dreams of financial monopolistic and paradigmatic dominance to local and national production and finally

5) what’s more re-orienting than a new insight about the power and significance of a direct and reciprocal monetary policy at the point of retail sale that would accomplish the above inversions of reality and primary signatures of every historical paradigm change? (inversion of temporal reality and new insight and/or tool)


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