Post To RWER Blog About The Velocity of Money Delusion

Velocity of money is really just an indicator of “good economic times” even though that state is ephemeral and such description exists only within the rigged nature of the current monetary and financial paradigm. Money does NOT sprout a mind and decide to make prices rise. The two primary reasons for the economic vice of price and asset inflation are

1) individual income scarcity and hence systemic business revenue scarcity that tempts commercial decision makers to raise prices in hopes of garnering more business revenue in that austere system and

2) confusing freedom with chaos (which every economic perspective from ultra libertarian to MMT is guilty of) and thus not searching and finding a better, more beneficial alternative for all agents individual and commercial…to that rigged, austere and chaotic system.

Hyperinflations do not occur without several disastrous prior circumstances have taken place and finally a compliant central bank simply prints and/or leverages up speculators who short the currency. Normal garden variety inflation has always been a smallish single digit percentage except during and after wars or cost inflation due to a major commodity’s price rise…which isn’t “monetary inflation” anyway.

Retail sale is the end of the legitimate economic/actually productive process where production becomes consumption. That by definition also makes it the ending and summing point for any and all economic factors including of course price and asset inflation. Thus a high percentage, say 50%, discount/rebate price and monetary policy at that point and time will not only eliminate inflation it will beneficially integrate price and asset deflation into profit making economic systems, and accomplishes everything the leading reforms say they want which is more money/purchasing power for everyone and a system which does not get de-stabilized by inflation.

Popping out of the abstract thrice removed fugue of economic theorizing and coming into present time to recognize the incredible significance and power of such a policy shatters the orthodoxies and confusions described above and enables us to cognite on the new paradigm we all are seeking. Discovering genuine ending, summing, factor expression and pivoting points is incredibly powerful both mentally and temporally.


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