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There is a third thing necessary to resolve the monetary and economic problem and that is to ask ourselves if the current monetary, financial and thus economic paradigm of Debt Only needs to be changed to Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting at the point of retail sale with a monetary policy of a 50% discount to consumers that is reciprocally rebated back to enterprise gifting it to the consumer.

MMT and all of the other leading edge heterodox reforms surround and analyze the current monetary paradigm, but lacking the new but centuries long hiding in plain sight insight of the significance and power of such a monetary policy at retail sale/the terminal ending point of the entire economic/productive process….fail to comprehend the above paradigm changing policy and the singular concept that characterizes any and every new paradigm. Strategically integrate sufficient direct and reciprocal monetary gifting into the economy at its terminal ending, summing and factor expressing point and you solve the economy’s deepest and most long standing problems of 1) individual income and systemic monetary austerity and 2) chronic price and asset inflation….and you resolve it for all economic agents individual and commercial.

A paradigm is a SINGLE concept that transforms and creates an entirely new PATTERN. Thus it, itself, is the phenomenon of the integration of the opposites of singular and plaural, part and whole. Think integratively/paradigmatically and study the signatures of all historical paradigm changes.


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