The Recent Moves In Syria From The New Paradigm and Zeitgeist Perspective

The whole middle east thing is another problem/distraction to obsess over while finance consolidates the integration of its monopolistic paradigm internationally. In view of that I would prefer the relative stand off alliances recently accomplished in Syria. Trump being a merchant of chaos of “The Fourth Turning” variety believes otherwise.

The point is to find the correct target (the current monetary paradigm of Debt Only) and replace it with the new one (Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting) which will rejuvenate and ethically transform profit making economic systems and (if we align policy with the concept behind every historical paradigm change) set us on the path toward the only human concept/phenomenon higher and more potent than a new paradigm, namely a zeitgeist/ethic of the age which presently is Power-Knowledge, and aligned with the new monetary paradigm, will become Grace-Freedom.
All other analysis, while being interesting and hopefully even affirming is chaff by comparison.
Actually there is another level between paradigm change and zeitgeist which rarely happens and that is a mega paradigm change. The last and only mega paradigm change was that from Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture, Homesteading and Urbanization which changed the entire course of human history and created civilization as we currently know it.
The definition of a mega paradigm change is a paradigm that immediately, intimately and continuously effects the individual and human systems, and a new paradigm in economics, finance and the money system fits that bill to a tee.

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