Posted To Ellen Brown’s Public Banking Website

Increasing fiscal spending is a palliative that does nothing to curb inflation. Public state banks are a palliative that does not deal with the inherent scarcity of demand in high tech capital economies. We must increase demand without increasing indebtedness by integrating monetary gifting intelligently into the economy by implementing the following two policies strategically at the point of retail sale:

A $1000/mo. universal dividend beginning at age 18 for life.

A 50% discount to consumers at retail sale and which is entirely rebated back to the enterprise granting it to the individual.

The dividend above is doubled (as is all earned income) to $2000/mo by the 50% discount/rebate policy.

As retail sale is the terminal end of the economic process where production becomes consumption it is also the terminal expression point for any and all forms of inflation. The history of yearly inflation rates has always been that it is a low single digit percentage except during and shortly after wars, and hyperinflations never occur unless several disastrous circumstances have occurred and the central bank is compliant in leveraging up speculators who short the currency and that is when higher than normal inflation becomes hyper. Hence the 50% discount so far as orthodox monetary theory is concerned, eliminates any possibility of price and asset inflation and “miraculously” integrates beneficial price deflation into profit making economic systems.

The above is not a palliative reform it is the permanently progressive phenomenon known as a paradigm change.


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