Decentralization: The Good and The Bad

Decentralization is good if it benefits the individual in some way. It can be very bad when it occurs in an area of human endeavor that needs the hierachical ordering and ascension of philosophy and ethics, like in economics and the money system for instance.

This is where bitcoin and block chain fail. They are trying to evolve technically without taking into consideration that all human systems require the solidly hierarchical guidance of philosophy and ethics while the present economic and money system already is afflicted with a lack of ethics due to its being driven by tawdry philosophy.

The only philosophical concept sufficient to integrate both power and ethics is grace as it is the pinnacle concept of human wisdom, love. Grace is the active temporal universe form of love both in individual interaction and as policy in human systems. That means it is redemption of individual and systemic corruption via personal introspection and correction and systemic thinking and policy. Without this hierarchical mental necessity any attempt at evolution will fail because ethics is a human reality no matter to whom or to what one attributes that necessity to.

Decentralization is good in that it denotes empowerment to the individual. Grace is a universal suffrage concept that does the same while also being a bulwark against individualism becoming chaos and the mental illness of narrcissism.

First things first. Bring real ethics and the real wisdom of thoroughgoing philosophy to the economy and money system before you try to decentralize it into its already ethically compromised state.


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