Directness: A Major Aspect of Grace

Monetary policy is impotent because it is not direct to the individual via a universal dividend and also is not direct to the individual with a 50% discount to price at the point of retail sale and then reciprocally and fully rebated back to the enterprise by the monetary authority.

Hunters and Gatherers went from being round and about the land to directly attached to it with agriculture, homesteading and urbanization.

The Reformation was almost entirely about being coerced into salvation via the sacraments and the powerful recognition that having a direct relationship with god was possible, more personal and more empowering.

Directness. One of the major aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace, and the key to remedying the dis-empowering abstractionism of science and so to the acculturation of wisdom.

Pundits and economists: It’s the monetary, financial and economic paradigm, stupid.


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