Regulations and Tax Policies To Combat Prior To Retail Inflation In The New Paradigm

  1.   The monetary authority will examine every enterprise’s prices monthly, and if they increase by more than 2% over the previous month their books will be examined for the reasons why.
  2. The economic vice of arbitrary price increases will not be tolerated and if an enterprise increases their prices monthly by a large percentage or by more than 2% annually the percentage of the 50% rebate back to them by the monetary authority will be reduced by the percentage of price increase. Authentic cost increases that exceed the cost savings brought about by the policies of the new paradigm will not be subject to such sanction, but again, the destabilizing vice of arbitrary and greedy price increases will not be tolerated.
  3. The “three strikes and you’re out” policy regarding such price increases where the enterprise losses its 50% rebate privileges will be uniformly and unflinchingly applied with enterprises proved guilty of such vice. When gracious benevolence and prosperity are brought to the economy and money system so as to serve all agents the proper response will be expected to be appreciation and dedicated abiding by the rules. Thus honest and genuine ethics will finally come to the economy and the money system.

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