Logics and Axioms of Grace and The New Monetary Paradigm

Put these facts, historical and structural insights and actions together and you have a slam dunk mega paradigm change that everyone can get behind, and potentially a human evolutionary understanding.

  1.  Retail sale is the terminal ending point for the entire economic process.
  2.  Retail sale is thus by definition the ending, summing and terminal expression point for any and all relevant economic factors including cost, profit, price and inflation.
  3.  Private finance is the dominant power in the economy and indeed does dominate and manipulate individuals, other business models, nations and regions.
  4. Private finance extracts an outsized amount of profit from the economy.
  5. The most underling and significant factor in the collapse of empires, nations and civilizations has been the continual build up of debt.
  6. Private money creation violates both Occam’s Razor and Lord Acton’s dictum regarding power and its absolute corrupting tendency. It also is a glaring contradiction in an allegedly free market economic system.
  7. Private control of money creation is not a legitimate business model, but rather a government responsibility.
  8. A publicly administered banking, monetary and financial system could degenerate into a problematic system also, unless it was firmly and logically guided by an incorruptible natural philosophical concept.
  9. A new paradigm is a single concept that creates and transforms an entire pattern/body of knowledge/area of human endeavor.
  10. A new paradigm is not the end of history in any specific pattern, but it is a definite and permanent progressive event in a pattern that all factors adapt to….and not the other way around. This is because it indisputably increases knowledge, freedom of thought and action and general survival.
  11. A mega paradigm change is one that alters systems that personally affect virtually everyone numerous times if not continually throughout each day.
  12. Wisdom is deeper and more insightful knowledge than facts, theories and the scientific mode of thought.
  13. Wisdom is the process of the integration of the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations in seeming opposite perspectives.
  14. Paradigms being both singular concepts that describe, create and transform entirely new patterns are ultimate temporal universe and human mental integrations of the opposites of singularity and plurality.
  15. Wisdom is the process of integration as per #13 and the self actualization of human experience.
  16. Love is the ultimate spiritual value and human experience.
  17. Grace is love in human individual action and in human systemic policy, and thus the natural philosophical concept of grace is both the pinnacle concept of wisdom and love’s logical temporal universe expression.
  18.  An analysis of every historical paradigm change will reveal that their primary beneficial effects are always personal and/or systemic expressions of an aspect or aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace.
  19. The new monetary, financial and economic paradigm is grace as in abundant monetary gifting.
  20. The physical/temporal universe is a continual free flowing electro-magnetic interaction and integration between itself and individual human consciousness whether consciousness is considered a separate or fully integrated/integrative experience.
  21. Grace characterizes both the temporal/physical universe and consciousness.
  22. Grace is the present time state of the cosmos, and this is why being completely in present time is associated with enlightenment and genuine religious experience.
  23. Understanding grace is key to understanding both oneself and the physical/temporal universe, and decyphering grace is discovering the code of the universe.



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