The Assist of the New Paradigm

The new monetary, financial and economic paradigm of Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting is a huge assist to every individual and every enterprise, except private finance of course whose monopoly paradigm of Debt Only is the dominating and manipulating present paradigm and so must be replaced by monetary gifting and its policies, regulations and structural changes.

We have to become smarter and wiser than the ancients who only ever palliated the monetary paradigm with jubilees and/or unceremonious and uncivilized executions of the financial elite. My book Wisdomics-Gracenomics shows the way forward to that accomplishment. Besides the more than doubling of everyone’s potential purchasing power and the consequent more than doubling of actually available money for every enterprise’s goods and services, here are the key “knock on” benefits of the policies that can result with the implementation of the new paradigm:

elimination of transfer taxes

large individual and business income tax reductions

cost savings for both individuals and enterprise

beneficially integrating price deflation into profitmaking economic systems

fast forwarding of sane ecological policies, regulations and projects

extending the current ending point of the economic cycle from retail sale to the point and time of note signing with an additional 50% discount/rebate monetary policy so that the money system serves everyone instead of enslaving them

Immediate ability to re-industrialize the nation in the most efficient, productive and ecologically sane way possible

Likely political integration and social/psychological rejuvenation

With the intelligent acculturation of even a modicum of wisdom a tremendous increase in human purpose, human happiness and increased self actualization/consciousness raising



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