The Problem and The Solution

If you’re involved in long and frothy debates regarding capitalism and socialism….you’re being manipulated BIG TIME. Even if you’re in long and frothy debates regarding the money system you’re still being manipulated. People have critisized the money system for a long time and nothing has ever happened to significantly change it. The problem is the monetary PARADIGM. The CONCEPT of the monetary paradigm. A paradigm is a single concept that changes and creates an ENTIRELY NEW PATTERN. That’s the difference. A paradigm, a genuine paradigm changes the entire pattern in the area of human endeavor it applies to. And if that pattern is as ever present and as powerfully significant and beneficial in its effects on every individual and every enterprise as the economy and the money system….then it will rank with if not surpass the greatest paradigm change in human history which was when we went from hunting and gathering to agriculture and homesteading.

The present monetary paradigm of Debt Only is THE problem, and the concept of the new monetary paradigm which is Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting IS THE SOLUTION.


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