The Nature/Essence and Self Actualization of Words and Concepts

Perceiving at the level of pattern/paradigm is a mental skill aka as wisdom which is above the scientific processes of data gathering, theorizing and philosophy. Paradigm perception and self actualizing ideas and concepts, i.e. wisdom are broader, deeper and consequently greater/more whole understandings of temporal and individual realities than science which wisdom/paradigm perception includes.

Paradigm perception, genuine religious experiences and consciousness raising are all of the same integrative nature and process of mental discipline.

Love is the superior spiritual value and grace, which is nothing more and certainly nothing less than love in action toward oneself and others in the temporal universe we all inhabit, and is again, its active expression. Science being a less inclusive, merely empirical mental discipline is yet an excellent and very useful tool that is and can be included within wisdom, its process and its pinnacle concept of grace.


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