Excellent Insight

There is a story I have always liked about a teacher who asked her students, “If you want to escape from prison, what is the first thing you need to know?”

One person said you need to know where the key is, another that you need to know a good lawyer. 

The teacher shook her head each time.

She then responded, “The first you need to know if you want to escape from prison … is that you are in prison.”

For most of us, there are many things we would like to change, but it helps to first ask, “Are we in harmonious relationship with this moment or in opposition to it?”

We can argue about many topics, but what we can likely all agree with is: there is a moment right now that we are living. It is hard to argue with that!

Then we can ask, “what is our relationship to this moment right now?”

There is a world of difference between acting with acceptance of the present moment and acting in resistance to it.

How do you know which one is present? You can feel it in your body. One there is an ease, a type of deep listening then responding. The other there is a tension, an agitation, as if something is in opposition to us.

Eckhart Tolle writes, “What you accept is the form of this moment. No more. Then, see what’s needed.”

Today, can we befriend the present moment  – that is enough. When we can, we can get out of our prisons for free, as we are no longer in opposition to “what is.”

Then we can better see what actions, if any, want to come forth that can help the world do the same.




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