Posted To Ellen Brown 06/23/2019

Of course Facebooks proposal is wrongheaded. It just adds another corporate structural impediment to what is actually needed which is a new monetary and financial paradigm/pattern/concept that firmly and ethically guides a new publicly administered non-profit national banking and financial system. The trick is to discern the new paradigm’s concept which is monetary grace as in gifting, to be precise direct and reciprocal monetary gifting, implemented at the pivotally powerful policy point of retail sale (because its the ending point of the entire legitimate economic/productive process where production becomes consumption, the summing point for all costs including profit and finally the economic factor terminal expression point for inflation). Hence, paired with a universal dividend, a 50% discount/rebate policy at that point simultaneously ends individual income scarcity and any possibility of price or asset inflation.

And the new national non-profit banking system is mandated to implement and distribute the monetary gifting policies into “the many hands of the individual”…..not a corporate elite.


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