Posted To RWER Blog Regarding Ecological Sanity, How To See It and Accomplish It

Obviously certain consumption patterns will need to change. However, if you can’t see that private finance makes every attempt to get to step one of ecological sanity “too expensive” then you’re just not looking. We’ll never get to step one until we have a non-profit publicly administered national banking and financial system that funds itself, the essential government projects that can enable us to survive and is mandated to execute the monetary policies that will reduce the prices of the consumer products that will get us there. No wonder we’ve made no progress toward survival for over 40 years.

Economists and economic pundits are generally off in thrice removed mathematical and/or theoretical abstraction. Hence they don’t look at the actual economic process itself and so they miss the incredibly powerful ending/tipping/pivoting point where production becomes consumption aka retail sale, and where a simple algebraic operation will effect a new paradigm in the money system and the ability to swiftly progress toward an ecologically sane economy.
Such need to do as much zen wall gazing on an illustration of the point of retail sale at the terminal ending point of the economic process as is necessary for them to come into present time and cognite on its existence, significance and potential for monetary policy


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