Reverse The High Costs of Green Technology With Monetary Gifting

Economists and climate theorists seem stumped by the high costs of green tecnologies. This is simply old/current monetary paradigm thinking. With a non-profit publicly administered national banking system and the monetary policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics you could immedately reduce the costs of green technology consumer products by 75% and with the stakes being so high (species and planetary survival) the costs of developement of green technologies could be virtually eliminated so progress toward survivable carbon footprint could be accelerated tremendously.

It’s really just a matter of getting one of finance’s feet off the individual’s neck and the other one off the costliness brake toward green research and technology.

It’s so frustrating to know the new paradigm concept and its aligned policies and see economists being ignorant of them.  We have prosperity and the fast forward march toward ecological survival if they would simply awaken to them.  Meanwhile finance is saying, “No, you have no right to end our monopoly paradigm of Debt Only for the sole form and vehicle for the distribution of money/credit. We have every right to dominate everyone, every legitimate and actually productive business model, buy or cow every ignorant  and/or ethically challenged  politician and declare ecological survival “too expensive”.

Just look at it. It’s stupid to not make such policies of paradigm change the immediate reality.

You see the REAL economic problem has always been the monetary PARADIGM and how it has de-stabilized the economy….for the entire history of human civilization. That’s what Steve Keen RE-discovered and ALMOST cognited on when he correctly observed that neo-classicals ignored money, debts and banks….”because if they did they’d have to confront the fact of how the money SYSTEM de-stabilizes the economy.” That’s a quote from one of his recent videos. He correctly recognized the problem. The problem with that is he still didn’t cognite ON THE SOLUTION, that is, the new monetary paradigm.

Wisdom/Paradigm Perception is the recognition of both the problem AND the solution. Intellectuals so love their problems. They’ll obsess about them until they’re tired of doing so and then move on to another one….like Steve Keen has with his de-bunking of Nordhaus’s recent predictions about energy’s effects. Of course the SOLUTION to the energy PROBLEM…is still recognizing the new monetary PARADIGM.

Survival trumps all other considerations which means no matter how much money and subsidization it may take to discover the new sources to replace fossil fuels you have to create them….and the twin 50% discount/rebate policies, universal dividend and non-profit publicly administered national banking and financial system of Wisdomics-Gracenomics are the precise policies and structural changes necessary to do that without either enforcing systemic monetary austerity or creating wild inflation.


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