Nothing Further Bad Economically Can Possibly Happen….

….after retail sale. Why? Because retail sale is where production becomes consumption, i.e. ownership. If possesion is 90% of the law, consumption is 99.99% of economics.

Thus the point of retail sale is the perfect place to implement powerful, positive and effective monetary and economic policy.  A 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale simultaneously doubles every individual’s purchasing power and the business revenue available for every enterprise’s goods and services, and as retail sale is the terminal ending point of the actually economic and productive process a 50% discount at that point eliminates any possibility of inflation as the normal garden variety vice of inflation is virtually always a low single digit percentage and hyperinflations very rarely occur and always require at least several very disruptive, negative and rare set of circumstances.

The follow on benefits of this and the other policies, regulations and structural changes recommended in my book Wisdomics-Gracenomics are considerable.  Everyone’s earnings at least double, your social security check doubles, your pension check doubles and with the universal dividend policy every college student now has $24,000/yr. to live on and pay for his or her’s college tuition as they attend and so do not become weighed down with $50-75,000 of debt after they graduate. If everyone 18 and older gets a $1000/mo. dividend and that is doubled by the 50% discount/rebate policy every adut is guaranteed $24,000/yr. of purchasing power. Thus why would individuals and enterprise have to be taxed for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security?

Recognizing the power and policy significance of retail sale is the new insight that always accompanies a paradigm change.






5. Many other benefits follow on from this policy


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