Paradigms and Zeitgeists

Me:  Interesting discussion on Knight. Philosophy is a level of understanding above science which includes and requires ethics. Paradigms are par excel-lance integrative concepts in that they are purely mental/conceptual and yet understanding them changes an entire pattern in the temporal universe as well. Paradigms and paradigmatic thinking are replete with paradoxes, conceptual oppositions, inversions, transformations, simplicities of operation that due to their philosophical difference and temporal universe point of execution create deep, complex and significant effects.

If debt, its nature and the monopolistic enforcement of that nature even to the point of economic collapse is the problem how can monetary gifting not be the answer?

If the zeitgeist of Hunting and Gathering was enchanted and benevolent dependence on the ecology for survival and Agriculture, Homesteading and Civilization was de-natured material accumulation and consolidation of power then why is not grace as in relative abundance and re-enchanted benevolent and ethically redeemed power not the next zeitgeist and progression?

S7:  @ craig – right!! Knight’s notions of economics were also ‘above science’. Which was one of many reasons for his deep disappointment at how economics developed at Chicago and elsewhere following WW2. See Ross’s writings on this.

Me:  Yes, apparently he had a sense of philosophy and genuine ethics instead of the mere and paltry “ethic” of profit, power and control.


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