Posted To RWER Blog 05/17/2019

Me:  This is why the new paradigm of direct monetary distributism is essential to awaken to and its consumer price deflationary policies of a universal dividend and 50% discount/rebate at retail sale. A part time job at even a minimum wage of $8/hr. ($640/mo), a dividend of $1000/mo both doubled in potential purchasing power by a 50% discount/rebate policy equals $3280/mo and $39,360/yr and $78,720 for a two adult household. People would obviously love this and businesses would also love it because of the tremendous increase in potential purchasing power for their products and services. It’s integrative of traditionally opposed agendas. When everyone either has a job and/or a dividend payment for life what do we need transfer taxes for unemployment insurance or for a redundant social security system? Again integrative because workers and businesses both pay taxes for those now redundant things.

Inflation? Not with a 50% discount to every consumer item and an additional 50% discount at note signing for homes powered by solar or other non-fossil fuel sources (same second 50% discount for all products that reduce CO2 emissions). Incentivize price stability with tax breaks, punish monopoly price cutting and unjustified price increases made without actual cost increases and create the department of the bully pulpit to castigate “those anti-social commercial decision makers for trying to greedily destabilize the new abundant and ecologically sane system” and if they persist in trying to do so “you’re going to lose your 50% discount/rebate privileges, baby.”

MMT, Financial instability hypothesis, financial parasitism? Great reform ideas. Wisdomics-Gracenomics? The new paradigm vision of economics and the money system. Wake up and stand up on your own hind legs and demand it.

KZ:  I’ve worked with the legal system for over 30 years. From regulatory to criminal cases, I’ve testified in a few hundred cases. Just a suggestion, but you might want to consider speaking with local, state, and federal prosecutors about your plan. They could help you make it more workable. You are proposing substantial cultural changes that will not be easily implemented. Many institutions will not cooperate.

Me: The paradigm change of Wisdomics-Gracenomics and its policies and structural changes IS THE QUINTESSENTIAL CULTURAL/PATTERN CHANGE. It’s good, it’s WAAAAY GOOD for everyone and every agent EXCEPT private finance. It doesn’t reform and tweak problems it resolves them in the way paradigms do, by complete inversion/transformation of current realities.

If the erudite economists, pundits and small to medium sized business community would simply look at the temporal, empirical and problem resolving effects of its policies (particularly the way it can get us “off the dime” toward the implementation of positive ecological effects with the double 50% discount/rebate policy for non-fossil fuel consumer purchases and the ending of the idiocy of financing for ecological sanity being “too expensive”) ….then WHAT IS THERE TO ARGUE ABOUT? ESPECIALLY WHEN THE ALL THE REFORMERS CAN COME UP WITH IS FAR LESSER BUT ALIGNED REFORMS????

Think about it.


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